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Upward Sports Speaker

 Gene is listed on the official Upward Sports website under Suggested Award Night Speakers and has provided top quality entertainment with a powerful message for many years. 

Gene is frequently asked to give an invitation at the conclusion of his program and is honored to present the gift of salvation in a highly effective way that is clear and concise. Not every Upward event is geared to include an invitation for salvation but when they are, Gene is prepared

Ventriloquist - Comedian

 Gene uses ventriloquism, comedy illusion and balloon sculpture to illustrate powerful principles from the Word of God. Gene’s programs are fast paced and action packed and will leave every person in the audience laughing and feeling the love of God.

Volunteers from the audience will get to help Gene on stage as he presents the message of salvation in such a brilliant and unique manor. He also uses ventriloquism to tell classic bible stories in a way that you will never forget. The use of contemporary and relevant humor magnifies the true heart of the Word and helps to make the principles understandable.

Crusades ~ VBS ~ Outreach

 Whether you are planning an event for children or families, our programs are diverse enough to captivate groups of all ages. We can also customize our presentations to support your specific theme or focus. 

 If you need ministry for a single program or a multi-day event, you can be assured that Gene’s wide variety of material will make each and every presentation unique and powerful. When it comes to themes, we have many to choose from or we can focus on the theme you already have in mind


Family Night


“Our expectations were more than met by Gene Cordova at our recent Family Night. Not only our children, but also their parents were intent and laughed throughout Gene’s program. He and his characters were clever and appealed to the churched and non-churched alike. I was most excited about the four children who received Christ as their Savior. Gene gave a gospel presentation that the children could understand and to which they responded. We asked Gene to create an atmosphere and provide a transition so we could counsel with the children who came forward and he graciously respected our request. I would recommend Cordova Creative Ministries to any church who desires an entertaining but spiritually meaningful program for their church family.


Children's Events


Gene was all we had hoped for and more!!! The message was clear and very entertaining. The children never stopped laughing!
The children were begging their parents to come with them (one little child even cried because his dad was refusing to come to the children’s program but stay in the adult sessions!) Word spread throughout the congregation that Gene was top of the line and we did have adults who deserted the adult sessions to be in our event. We also have a puppet team (middle and high schoolers) who were able to observe Gene and were very inspired!

Upward Events


Just finished our Upward Celebration with Gene Cordova and WOW! What a great evening and what a talented guy. We know that God equips everyone with at least one gift…well, Gene got his share and then some. The kids were on the edge of their seat trying to take it all in and we all laughed until our stomachs hurt. Just a fantastic end to a great Upward season. Gene presented one of the best Gospel messages, in a very non-threatening way. You couldn’t help but feel the heart of Gene and the heart of our Savior in his message. If you are looking for a slam-dunk, a home-run for your celebration .. get Gene Cordova. If you are skeptical about these reviews and recommendations, do what I did and check out his website. Probably one of the best tools to see what you are in store for. Again, you can’t go wrong with Gene! 

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